“An artist is not paid for his labor, but for his vision”
                                                                                  - James McNeill Whistler

A full-time professional photographer with 20 years experience, Nicole Emanuel has a best-selling photographic book to her credit, High on Horses, launched Internationally in 2003. A master of mood and light, her superbly crafted images reflect in innate knowledge of, and deep passion for the horse… 

Nicole’s Passion for Horses was evident at a young age; drawing them from the time she could hold a pencil. She first picked up a camera at age 7, her early work resulting in numerous photographic awards, the first award at age 12. Her desire to capture beautiful images became a virtual obsession, whether painting, drawing or through the lens.

 She was employed as a full-time professional photographer in 1991, and spent the next 15 years working for Australia’s Rural and Metropolitan Daily Newspapers, including the Australian, the Age, the Weekly Times and The Daily Telegraph. Her professional work scored dozens of National Awards, including recognition in Nikon Press Photography, the Hurley Awards and The TAB Horseracing Awards.

 Her love of both horses and the Australian bush led to Nicole photographing numerous cattle musters and brumby catches in the High Country. This work culminated in a 16 page pictorial spread in Australian Geographic Magazine, and was to become one of the prominent themes in a future photographic book.

 The book High on Horses (Peleus Press/Images Publishing) was launched at Equitana in November 2003 with great success, eventually to become an Australian Bestseller. It is a visual feast of over ten years of Nicole’s best Equestrian photography, each beautifully lit, composed, and with a certain mood and sensitivity for the subject. It has received numerous accolades and is still in great demand even after the sellout of the 4th reprint.

 Her photographic style shows a gifted sensitivity to capturing light. She has a great affinity and understanding of these exquisite creatures, and this is portrayed in the expressive and harmonious way she captures the equine form. Each image is skillfully composed to create a distinct atmosphere or emotion. They can be dynamic and bold with great impact, or soft, moody and exquisitely beautiful.

 Nicole now runs a seasonally hectic business from home, mainly working in the horse Industry. She has many corporate Equestrian Clients including Equitana, Saddleworld, Scholastic Australia, The Saddle Club, Equestrian Entertainment, The Horseman From Snowy River, and Channel 31’s Horse Rush TV. She also photographs for many of Australia’s largest and most successful Horse Studs.

Nicole also produces her own unique range of printed stock exhibiting some of the best images in her career. These include calendars, posters, greeting cards, and bookmarks. Printed stock is available online at www.capriolepress.com

 An artists, writer, rider, owner and breeder of these superb animals, she and her partner run an Australian Stockhorse and Arabian Stud, and a beef cattle farm in the Strezlecki Ranges in Gippsland, Victoria with their two children.



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